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jesse ventura take the bulletDear Governor Jesse Ventura,

This was put together in efforts to generate momentum for a grassroots effort so you run for the presidency of the United States in 2016.

America needs somebody like you to provide a voice in Presidential politics where your ideas will be most influential. Your approach to politics, without a political party and outside influences to compromise your beliefs in the name of truth and justice is what America needs right now.

This was created on a volunteer basis. We hope that you can recognize our efforts and we need your voice and courage to defy the odds, as you did in Minnesota and get into the 2016 Presidential debates. We are here to help in any way that we can.


The Undersigned


Fill out the form to the right. Your privacy will be protected. Once we have collected 5,000 signatures we will notify Governor Jesse Ventura about our progress. We will track and notify everyone who fills out the form of our progress. When we achieve this you will know that this is serious and we will too. We lauched this campaign on February 25, 2013. We are not affiliated with Governor Jesse Ventura in any way and are doing this because he asked his supporters to organize a grassroots campaign. After researching the progress by other websites, we realized that this was not happening in any real organized fashion that could peak Governor Ventura’s interest.


If you would like to help, subscribe to our Youtube Channel and follow our facebook page. Donations are welcome and will be used for marketing and video production purposes. Please contact us if you have any questions about volunteering your time and sending donations. We are looking for people to help with social media marketing, video creation and blogging efforts. The purpose of this website initially was to create momentum and not actually run a signature campaign. We’ve now decided it’s on us to make it happen.


If we want to see Jesse Ventura in the 2016 Presidential debates we first need to get him on the ballots in all 50 states. We will be adding additional information as we get it. Every state requirement is different but once it gets closer to 2016 we will need people in every state and district ready to collect signatures. In the mean time, fill out your information and we will add you to the newsletter and this will be our petition tally. Thanks!